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Work Culture Connection

We all know that not only are qualifications important when matching a company with a prospective candidate but understanding and matching the culture to the right talent is equally important for retainment and all around work satisfaction.

When I was a new recruiter, I found a wonderful Administrative Sales Executive for a role with my medium-sized family business client. Her qualifications were beyond what the company was looking for. I was excited and so were they. She eagerly accepted the position, and on day one asked some of the family members if they would like to go to lunch. They opened their little brown bags and looked at her like she had three heads. My new hire was accustomed to lots of company activities, working lunches and corporate happy hours. Her personal life revolved around her company life. She was the wrong fit for the culture.

At Summit Recruiter, we develop personal relationships with our clients and  candidates. We get to know your company! We talk to our job seekers about what it means to be a good “fit” and manage expectations. Every company is different and we will explore your culture and deliver the talent that is looking for YOU!

Answer some questions to help us learn your unique vibe!

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